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The Sword And The Flute

Living Ink Books


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Matthew Horn (a.k.a. Matterhorn) is a brave knightwhen he isn't busy being a typical twelve-year-old boy. Matt's adventures begin one afternoon while browsing through some musty books in an obscure, neglected corner of his middle school library. One book titled Ian's Flute literally demands his attention. Surprisingly, the book contains a nondescript title page followed by one blank page after another. While quizzically leafing through the blank pages, Matt unearths a portal into time travel and is suddenly introduced to a series of wild adventures filled with danger, mystery, and intrigue. As a result, Matterhorn and his friends travel around the globe and off it. Their adventures take them under the Earth and over the moon. Not bad for kids who don't even have driver's licenses. Read The Sword and the Flute and join Matterhorn the Brave in his early voyages that transcend space and time.

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