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Pastoral Politics : Why Pastors Resign



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Dr. Gilmore provides honest reflections on the pros and cons of current Protestant church polities. With both humor and honesty, he deals with such manners: when to leave, why one is asked to leave, and why principled-protest resignations are necessary. These bumpy pastoral exits also have both their horror and humor. A key feature of Forced Out is its ability to see good and genuine humor in grueling experiences. Pastoral Politics is not a grudge-book, nor is a payback book for current and past mistreatment. The author does not advise a pastor to quit just because he is facing conflict. The book provides the church board and the pastor valuable insights - theologically, psychologically, and procedurally - enabling pastors and members to be more flexible and charitable. The book is necessary reading for church board members, seminary student with a pastoral calling, and every pastor who has and could face the prospects of moving on.

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