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It is F.B. Meyer's goal to encourage us to see that it is God who was the source of greatness for each. These were ordinary men who lived lives of extraordinary faith and dependence upon God. You will find encouragement and empathy in the depictions of these legendary men. In them we see clearly the growth in faith and the temperance of time that were gifts from a loving, nurturing Father--the very same one who loves and nurtures us. What an incredible story! When we turn to the life of Joseph in Genesis, we encounter one of the most unique men in all of Scripture. To the casual reader the story of Joseph's wrongs, and of his rise from the pit to regal power, is simply interesting, as an old world story must ever be, for is archaic simplicity and the insight into the past which it affords. But to the man on whose heart the cross is carved in loving memory, there is a far deeper interest. It is Calvary in miniature.

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