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Dear God Send Me A Soul Mate

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Searching for your dream mate doesn't have to be a nightmare, but it can be if you don't have a plan. Too many people refuse to plan for anything romantic. "It will just happen," or "someday my prince will come" are common expressions from singles, young and old alike, who cling tightly to childish fantasies that true love will just float down from the heavens. With sexual disease, divorce, and serial dating on the rise, it's obvious that what singles have been doing just doesn't work! In Dear God, Send Me a Soul Mate, the author shares the hope of a new plan based on old wisdom: Thousands of years ago a faithful servant, searching for a spouse for his master's son, uttered a prayer for God's leading and favor in searching for the for the perfect mate. The wise slave followed eight specific steps and God blessed him and richly rewarded his search. Those same eight steps, ancient dating secrets from the Old Testament story of Isaac and Rebekah, are outlined in this book to help singles of all ages find true love today. Even though today's singles drive sports cars instead of camels, human nature hasn't changed - everyone dreams of finding the perfect mate. God is still in the love business, and he wants to take you from heartbreak to happily ever after. This book will provide you those principles to help you find the perfect mate - your soul mate.

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