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The Spirituality of Wine



Explores the unique place of wine in a healthy, faithful Christian spirituality
Wine plays an important role both in Scripture and in the Christian church, but its significance has received relatively little theological attention in modern times. This book fills that gap.
Having grown up on a family winery in Bavaria, theologian Gisela Kreglinger artfully brings together the world of wine and Christian spirituality in this book. Viewing wine as a gift of God’s created bounty and as a special symbol used pervasively throughout Scripture, Kreglinger canvasses the history of wine in the church, particularly its use in the Lord’s Supper, discusses the fascinating process of winemaking, and considers both the health benefits of wine and the dangers of alcohol abuse.
Offering a vision of the Christian life that sees God in all things — including the work of a vintner and the enjoyment of a well-crafted glass of wine — The Spirituality of Wine makes a unique contribution to a full-bodied Christian spirituality.

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