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You're Stronger Than You Think-CD standard audio format

Oasis Audio


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It's time to live boldly. No more feeling frustrated. No more spinning your wheels. Say goodbye to being powerless.  The secret to tapping into your inner strength is not about positive thinking or gritting your teeth or pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.  It’s a counter-intuitive approach that leverages your weakness to reveal a surprising power. Grounded in scientific studies, this dynamic discussion by authors Dr. Les Parrot and Bill Dallas demonstrates through colorful illustrations and stories how to banish traditional thinking about how to be strong and offers a new approach that’s sure to quash every inclination you might have to say “I can’t.”  It shows you how to stiff-arm every urge to quit.  Turning weakness into strength?  Impossible?  Not if you know the secret.   You’re Stronger Than You Think - The Ultimate Audio Series authors show you where to look – right now – for the strength you didn’t know you had.  It’s easy to crack an eggshell.  But if the egg is positioned just right, it withstands incredible pressure.  It demonstrates strength where you’d never expect to find it.  There’s surprising and inconceivable strength in you, too. To tap into it, you just have to know the secret.  This audio by the authors delivers that secret.   Bill Dallas and Dr. Les Parrott reveals a counter-intuitive approach to overcoming hardship and transcending difficulties.  You’re Stronger Than You Think – The Ultimate Audio Series will help you find the unexpected power you’ve been hoping for.    

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