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Eleventh Guest-CD standard audio format

Oasis Audio


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Only one hope remains for those in the Valley of Suffering... Going outside the Valley of Mak’ob is fraught with danger, but for the lepers living and dying there as outcasts, it’s the only option left. They must seek the Healer before the 612 candles of souls in the Valley are extinguished . . . and grapple with the pain of their own stories and unfulfilled dreams. Twelve-year-old Mikki is on the verge of becoming a man when the dread disease strikes. Callisto, his mother, begs, Why, God? Why our son? Mikki’s father, Shoemaker, struggles to keep his business afloat in a tough economy. Why is this happening to our family? Mikki wonders. Isn’t God supposed to watch over the righteous? Judah the Fisherman is honored everywhere for his kindness . . . except in his own home. Yet, in the midst of his shrewish wife’s opposition, he’s determined to forge a legacy for his sons. Twins Tera and Tabitha fight viciously over the shared love of a young Adonis until calamity strikes, plunging both sisters into lives they do not want. Torn apart by a desperate choice and a terrible secret, brothers Jesse and Obed wonder if they will ever see each other again.

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