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Guys are Waffles, Girls are Spaghetti-CD standard audio format

Oasis Audio


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"How can guys play video games for so long?"  "How can a girl laugh and cry at the same time?"  "Why do guys try to act so macho and tough?"  The opposite sex can seem as confusing as cafeteria mystery meat. But take a look ahead in the lunch line and you’ll find the perfect food group—waffles and spaghetti.  In this hilarious, yet amazingly insightful audio book, discover the secrets behind why guys and girls think and act so differently. Guys’ brains have little compartments like a waffle, and there they keep most aspects of their lives separated. Girls’ brains are like spaghetti, because they tend to keep everything in their lives connected. Learn how to talk so a “waffle” will listen, and how to understand the “spaghetti-ish” conversations that you will encounter your entire life. Learning about waffles and spaghetti will make a difference in real-life issues like dating, sex, friendships, body language, and communication skills of every kind. So dig in for the insights you’ve been craving.  Insert disc 5 into your PC to access study questions.

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