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Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain-CD standard audio format

Oasis Audio


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Pain is not the enemy!  Injustice.  Rejection.  Loneliness.  Loss.  Discipline.  Failure. Death.  They are life’s “inevitables”—and the events we fear the most, say authors Paul Meier and David Henderson. Yet we often miss the treasures beyond these inevitable events because we’re too busy trying to avoid pain. Though relieving suffering is a worthwhile pursuit—and one the authors have devoted their lives to—their clinical practice, personal experiences, and biblical studies have convinced them that “no suffering” is not the goal. Seeking and embracing God’s purposes for pain is. But we can only do this by casting our hurts in a whole new light. What if, instead of chasing after a pain-free existence, we saw adversity as an ally? A temporary companion who leads us away from danger and toward healing? A trainer who pushes us through to the next level of growth? In this penetrating look at the seven universal struggles of life, Meier and Henderson show us how to not only go through them but grow through them. Their hard-earned wisdom will assure us that beyond the brokenness and pain is where we will find that secret storehouse of meaning—the place where our fear of the dark gives way to the light of God’s purposes.  Insert disc 8 into your PC to access the chapter review questions.

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