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Don't Give In -- God Wants You To Win!-CD standard audio format

Oasis Audio


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God calls you "winner"!  Are stress, indecision, heartache, or fear zapping your energy? Popular speaker and author Thelma Wells says life doesn’t have to be that way! Opening her heart and God’s Word, she reveals how God taught her to stand tall to win against discouragement and oppression by putting on God’s armor. You’ll discover what spiritual warfare is, who you're fighting, and what you're accomplishing.  Thelma’s contagious energy and enthusiasm invites you to tackle life with a “can do” attitude. You’ll find great ways to dress for successful spiritual battle by fixing your hair (putting on the helmet of salvation in Jesus for safety), padding your heart (donning the breastplate of righteousness to confront evil), and putting on your stomping shoes (stepping out in faith against the devil).  No human wins every fight, so Thelma encourages you to call on Jesus when you get tired. He wants you to win, and He actively participates with you to ensure victory.  PDF materials included on disc 5 for your PC!

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