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Mountain in My Rearview Mirror-CD standard audio format

Oasis Audio


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Mountains: They’re always a challenge, especially if you want to get from point A to point B.


If point A for you is fear, despair, guilt, shame, or any combination of heartbreaking life setbacks, getting to point B may seem impossible. That’s what Bill Butterworth thought too. But with loving friends and an incredibly loving God as his guide, Bill began a journey that demonstrated no mountain is too big for our heavenly Father. In a one-two punch, Bill uses his story-telling skills to interweave personal humor and biblical wisdom into this engaging and hope-filled audio for anyone facing adversity. From lessons picked up from the church basketball league to those learned during

a wild winter’s ride in a convertible, Bill uses his own hilarious anecdotes to shed light on the biblical stories of heroes who had adversities of their own to overcome.

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