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Christmas: A Gift for Every Heart

Thomas Nelson on Brilliance Audio


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Beloved pastor Charles Stanley reveals who Jesus is through the gifts of all who gathered at His birth.


This audiobook begins with an inspiring message from Dr. Stanley about how Christmas is a gift to everyone on earth, and how that gift has different meaning to God—Christ’s birth was His perfect plan that unfolded in His perfect time. This message is followed by a celebration of who Jesus is—God came down, reigning King, suffering Servant, Savior of the world—and the lessons learned through His birth from the perspectives of:


• Mary, the virgin mother
• Joseph, faithful and obedient servant of God
• the innkeeper who had no vacancy
• the townspeople who were indifferent to what was happening around them
• the wise men who, by faith, followed the star and brought gifts of genuine worship and adoration
• and Isaiah, looking for the wonderful counselor


Call-outs and scripture will be included throughout.


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