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The Memory Jar

Zondervan on Brilliance Audio


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For five years, love has passed her up. For one moment, can she put down her guard?

Every year, a number of young Amish men descend on the cozy mountain town of West Kootenai, Montana, arriving in the spring to live there for six months and receive “resident” status for the hunting season in the fall. They arrive as bachelors, but some go home with brides.

Sarah Shelter has lived in West Kootenai for the last ten years and wonders if she will ever fall in love. Since the tragic death of her best friend, she saves her memories in a jar along with the small items connected to them. For just as long, she’s also been carrying around her emotions instead of allowing them to penetrate deep into her heart. Until she meets Jathan Schrock.

Can this kind and gentle man break down her walls, and can Sarah risk her heart to finally achieve her dreams?

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