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The book of Daniel demonstrates the glorious wisdom and unmatched power of God at work in his people. It shows that in spite of difficulties, confusion, and persecution, God is in control and that he will deliver his people as he has promised. Through dreams and visions given to Daniel—not fully understood in their own day—God reveals that his sovereign rule will continue until the end, when all of his purposes are fulfilled. Only through the light of the New Testament can we understand these mysteries given to Daniel, some of which aren’t answered until the final pages of Scripture.

With faithful exposition, pastor Rodney Stortz walks readers through this prophetic book verse-by-verse, explaining the book’s historical context and offering practical applications focused on the promises given to the faithful, the sovereignty of God, and the coming Messiah and Antichrist. In the process, Stortz sheds light on Daniel’s prophecies by looking at the New Testament to the final kingdom that will never pass away.

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