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My Brother's Keeper

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Shane Donahue, his twin brother Scott, and their parents have lost their way as a family. As Shane struggles to complete his last year of school and choose a path for the future, he feels only frustration and pain. He even begins to wonder if being alive is worth the trouble.
Ethan Walker is biracial, intelligent, intense, and very lonely. However, he’s recently discovered an unusual group of people who believe God can make a difference. Hesitantly, Ethan shares this hope with Shane.
Just as Shane begins to think maybe God can help him, he’s charged with robbery and attempted murder. So much for God’s looking after him.
But to Shane’s surprise, Ethan and his new friends rally around.
Is there a chance God could use Shane’s arrest to restore his family?
“For everyone who’s ever felt like a loser, ever felt too far gone to change, or ever felt too ordinary to be of use to God.” —Janet Sketchley, author of Heaven’s Prey
“Complex issues such as personal salvation, racism, doubt, fear, bullying, and failure are all tackled in a simple but profound way, with characters of different ethnic backgrounds.” —Johanne Robertson, Read for Life
“Shane Donahue could live in my own home!” Diane H. Pitts
“Excellent for all ages! Especially if you’ve ever felt like the black sheep of the family, or have been on the outside looking in.” Review on Amazon
“An engrossing story depicting an angry, confused young man, with realism and in-depth knowledge… Teens and adults alike will laugh, cry, and cheer for Shane throughout this refreshing book.”
–Christian Library Journal
N. J. Lindquist was presented with a plaque and a “Deeds Speak” certificate from then York Region Police Chief Armand P. LaBarge for her “contribution to facilitating positive change within the community” and “assisting youth in dealing with issues like anger, fear, and peer pressure” through her book.”
I’d beaten Keith. Big deal. He was likely high on something and I’d taken advantage of it. Beating him didn’t change the fact that Madison had dumped me. I was still going to have to put on an act so everybody would think I didn’t care. I was sick of it! Always trying to put on an act. But what else could I do? I couldn’t let anyone know how I really felt inside. They’d all laugh at me. After all, I was Shane Donahue; I was supposed to be tough; or so I’d wanted everyone to think.
I reached the street and kept moving, one foot in front of another. Stupid thoughts raced through my mind. What would happen if a car should come racing along and skid on the ice and run over me? Would this pain deep inside go away?
As if on command, the headlights of a car appeared, coming straight toward me, shining on the falling snowflakes so that they looked like enormous white feathers floating down from a gigantic pillow fight in the sky…

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