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Innovation's Dirty Little Secret-MP3 format

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Fostering an environment of successful innovation… against all odds

Most books on innovation make it sound as if those who take big risks and live on the cutting edge are destined to succeed. But the truth is risk taking and innovation don’t come with a guarantee of success. It’s quite the opposite. When it comes to any new or cutting edge venture, the surest horse to bet on is actually the one called Failure.

Larry Osborne explains how understanding and adapting to innovation’s dirty little secret brings both creativity and stability to an organization. He shows how it’s possible to foster significant innovation and work through major changes without creating the fear, chaos, uncertainty, and resistance that so often accompany even the most needed changes and innovation.

In Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret, you’ll learn:

• How to foster innovation’s most powerful igniters and accelerators
• How to avoid innovation’s most common saboteurs and killers
• How to recognize and break through your ceilings of complexity and competency
• The six pitfalls of growth and what you can do to avoid them
• The three leadership felonies that will render a leader powerless
• The eight questions every leader needs to ask before launching any new endeavor

“Larry is a contrarian. When everyone else is saying yes, he’s often saying no. But there is no contemporary Christian leader who writes with more ingenuity, creativity, and kingdom insight about leadership. In many ways he is a modern-day Solomon. Larry has helped shape the Summit Church’s core culture, and I count him a dear friend and a trusted mentor.” —J.D. Greear, PhD, Pastor of the Summit Church, Durham, North Carolina

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