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Secrets to a Man's Heart

Harvest House Publishers


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"What do men want?" Relationship expert Michelle McKinney Hammond shares the thoughts and feelings of men in the Bible regarding love and relationships. Written as letters to you, these remarkable men will help you discover how to win--and keep--a man's heart. From David's interaction with the diplomatic Abigail to Zachariah's appreciation of a woman who listened to God, you'll explore what men look for:

  • Solomon: the desire for passion, purity, and love
  • Boaz: the attraction of service
  • Job: the need for encouragement
  • Pilate: the wisdom a woman offers
  • Abraham: the beauty of submission
  • Barak: the strength of a woman
  • Jesus: the devotion of a much-loved bride

What makes a man feel safe with a woman? How can you empower your man to be the best he can be? Find out through these timeless insights drawn from God's Word.

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