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Our Amish Values

Harvest House Publishers


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Delightful color photographs and brief A-to-Z articles make this charming 64-page book the perfect introduction to the unassuming beauty of Amish culture.

Written by an Amish tour guide from Holmes County, Ohio--the largest Amish community in the world--this concise overview of Amish practices and beliefs provides firsthand answers to visitors' most frequently asked questions.

  • Why the unique clothing, buggies, and low-tech lifestyle?
  • How have Amish communities changed over the years?
  • Do most Amish men still work on farms?
  • How do dating and engagement work?
  • What are Amish church services like?

With these slice-of-life images and first-person accounts, you'll enjoy your own brief retreat into the peace and serenity of the Plain lifestyle.

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