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Spiritually Strong-CD standard audio format

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In Spiritually Strong, Kristen Feola, bestselling author of The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, shows how through the regular practice of spiritual disciplines believers will be strengthened and enabled to experience lasting joy and satisfaction in the Lord.

Just like physical muscles, the soul’s muscles need to work out regularly to stay healthy. In Spiritually Strong, Kristen Feola guides listeners through six disciplines for keeping their spirits in good shape. Their spiritual core will be strengthened as they:

• Study the Bible with greater depth and understanding
• Pray with power
• Discover the joyful intimacy of fasting
• Honor God with their body through exercise and nutritious eating
• Practice good stewardship with their resources
• Serve others in humility as an outward demonstration of God’s love

This six-week program of spiritual exercises is easy to incorporate into daily life, yet its effects will change lives forever as readers find new energy for living out God’s calling.

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