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Searching for a Universal Ethic



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The best contemporary English-language resource on pursuing a universal ethics

In this volume twenty-three major scholars comment on and critically evaluate In Search of a Universal Ethic, the 2009 document written by the International Theological Commission (ITC) of the Catholic Church. That historic document represents an official Church contribution both to a more adequate understanding of a universal ethic and to Catholicism’s own tradition of reflection on natural law.

The essays in this book reflect the ITC document’s complementary emphases of dialogue across traditions (universal ethic) and reflection on broadly applicable ethical guidance within the Christian tradition (natural law). Among other things, the document situates the natural law ethical tradition within the larger search for a universal ethic. Along with its insightful essays, Searching for a Universal Ethic offers — for the first time in published form — the Vatican’s official English translation of In Search of a Universal Ethic.

  • John Berkman
  • Serge-Thomas Bonino, O.P.
  • David Burrell, C.S.C.
  • Lisa Sowle Cahill
  • Joseph E. Capizzi
  • David Cloutier
  • Anver M. Emon
  • Robert P. George
  • Sherif Girgis
  • Jennifer A. Herdt
  • Russell Hittinger
  • M. Cathleen Kaveny
  • Anthony J. Kelly, C.Ss.R.
  • Fergus Kerr, O.P.
  • Steven A. Long
  • William C. Mattison III
  • Gilbert Meilaender
  • Livio Melina
  • Michael S. Northcott
  • David Novak
  • Jean Porter
  • Martin Rhonheimer
  • Tracey Rowland

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