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Radically Normal

Harvest House Publishers


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Do you feel that your life is pleasing to God—almost? When you hear about pastors, missionaries, and popular speakers, do you feel just a bit second-class, as if your life appears lukewarm and not as radical as theirs?

You're not alone. A vague sense of guilt is common in the church. We know God's grace is the key to eternal life, but it's so much more than that—it's the key to a joy-filled walk with Him every moment. Josh Kelley shows why you don't have to give away everything you own to be a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ. He demonstrates that…

  • God is crazy about you right where you are.
  • You are just as important as any other member of Christ's body.
  • The work you do every day can be pleasing to God.

Discover the joy of radical obedience to Christ in your normal, everyday life.

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