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Single Woman, The-MP3 format

Brilliance Audio


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Happy Is Still Happy, with or Without the Ever After.

Exhilarating. Independent. Feisty. Fabulous. Being single has its advantages, and Mandy Hale, better known as The Single Woman, is like the fun, honest, witty, and wise best friend who’s always got your back.

“Don’t pour a lifetime of effort into a seasonal relationship. Not everyone from the pilot belongs in the finale.”

“We are not on this earth to just stand still and look pretty. The museums already have enough statues.”

“Not everyone has to ride off into the sunset with a man. Some of us just want a tan.”

The single life is not something to escape. It is an adventure to be relished—filled with laughter, friendship, and blessings. So hope for romance, but with or without it, crank up the music and dance!

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