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Turnaround God-CD standard audio format

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Don’t settle for less than what God can do.

We often face situations in life that are hard. Whether it be a job loss, difficult marriage, or problems with the kids — harsh storms come, and we can quickly feel overwhelmed, even desperate.

In the beginning of creation, God entered the darkness and void and displayed his turnaround nature. He spoke words that turned darkness into light and filled the emptiness with fruitfulness. His turnaround power brought order into the chaos. In the same way, God enters our lives with the power of his turnaround ability and offers not just a slight improvement but a complete turnaround.

Turnarounds by their nature are radical. They bypass nice and sensible, they freak out the orderly, and they do not line up with agendas. But turnarounds reveal our miraculous Savior to a messed-up world.

Using examples from her own life and those of biblical characters, international speaker and teacher Charlotte Gambill offers that God is more than just a little bit of help, he’s all the help we need. It’s time for us to fully understand that there is nothing that God can’t turn around!

“Charlotte’s teaching and writing has had a profound impact on my life. She helps the truths of the Bible leap off the page and find a place in my everyday life.” — Natalie Grant, Gospel Music's 5-time Female Artist of the Year

“If you want to change directions, see things turned around in your life, or turn toward a better tomorrow you have found the right book.” — JentEzen Franklin, Senior Pastor, Free Chapel Author of New York Times bestseller Fasting

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