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52 Heart Lifters For Difficult Times

Harvest House Publishers


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Is your heart burdened by loss, rejection, or even discouragement caused by other Christians or a church? If you wonder, "How can I trust God with my hurts?" Diana Savage invites you to renew your hope and start your emotional and spiritual healing in this year-long gathering of inspiring devotions and words of encouragement.

Your heart's deepest questions are met with hope- and humor-filled meditations and life illustrations.

  • How can I restore the joy of my faith when life is challenging?
  • How do I heal and forgive if I've been let down by believers?
  • Is comfort in God possible when I feel distant from him?

Whether you or someone in your life faces sadness, uncertainty, or discontentment—52 Heart-Lifters for Difficult Times offers words of encouragement to help a heart in every season experience spiritual healing and feel safe in Jesus' love and care once again.

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