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Drew Brees (Pack of 25)



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A new Christian messenger is on the scene, ironically as the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints. DREW BREES was named the Most Valuable Player in the NFL (National Football League) after leading the New Orleans Saints to their first Super Bowl championship. Brees was their inspiration on and off the field. He is a man with a message!





Brees was a winner in high school taking his Texas high school team to a state championship and a perfect record. At Purdue, in 2001, he guided the Boilers to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1967. In 1998 Purdue upset then #4 Kansas State in the Alamo Bowl. The San Diego Chargers drafted Brees in the second round in 2001.




After an injury in 2005, the Chargers let Brees go. “At the time, I felt like (the injury) was the worst thing that could ever happen to me at the worst time,” Brees now says. But he relied on Romans 8:28 which says that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose.


Though his San Diego career had been like a roller coaster, his faith had been steadily growing. He had been mentored by the Chargers quarterback coach, Cam Cameron, a devout Christian. Brees accepted Christ in his home church on his 16th birthday in 1996, but during his years at Purdue, his spirituality and church attendance had been put on a back burner. Cameron became a spiritual encourager for his young quarterback.



In 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, everything about New Orleans seemed hopeless, including their Saints. The Saints had won only 3 games the previous year. Though he had other offers, Drew and wife Brittany decided to sign with New Orleans, and move from sunny California to the wreckage of the “Big Easy”. It was a move made in Heaven. The first year wasn’t easy, as the Saints played all their “home” games in San Antonio. But in 2006, with the Super Dome rebuilt, Brees guided the Saints to a 13–6 record, and the runner-up spot in the NFC (National Football Conference).

Brees has now become the face of a renewed New Orleans. He and Brittany decided to move into the city, and he has devoted himself to personally help with construction of local homes, and becoming involved with neighborhood schools. He has also established the Brees Dream Foundation which has raised nearly $5 million for cancer research and the rebuilding of playgrounds and athletic fields in New Orleans.




Brees’ message in word and deed is that God is in control. He has become a role model, not only to fans and the community, but also to his teammates. His message is loud and clear. NFL men aren’t gods, but some are God’s men.


Your Decision:


If you would like to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, like Drew Brees, and have never trusted in Jesus Christ as your Savior, now is the time.


You can say a prayer something like this:


Jesus, I know I am a sinner and I need Your forgiveness. I believe You died in my place to pay the penalty for my sin and that You rose from the dead. I now admit my sin and turn to You, trusting in You alone as my Savior, and receiving Your gift of forgiveness and eternal life.


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