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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Man

Harvest House Publishers


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Bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond (more than 1.5 million books sold) draws on the book of Esther to help women create strong and fulfilling love relationships. Most women dream of romance with their men, but even the best couples encounter rocky shores now and then. Through a thoughtful and insightful study of Esther's life, Michelle shows women biblical principles for building and enhancing unity and passion. Married and single women will discover:

  • how women can bring joy and wisdom into people's lives
  • ageless beauty secrets to promote and maintain attractiveness
  • God's unique design for women in male/female relationships
  • a better understanding of how men think and behave
  • ideas for inspiring and encouraging the men in their lives

The wisdom God offers in His Word can make every relationship more satisfying—especially when it comes to love. By helping their men become all God created them to be, women will also be powerfully blessed.

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