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Cole...I Love You to the Moon and Back

Oasis Audio


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Cole...I Love You to the Moon and Back :  A Family's Journey with Childhood Cancer

Author: Aaron Dean Ruotsala 

Aaron Dean Ruotsala, 24-year-old husband, father, business owner, and pilot shares a true story about a heart-wrenching experience he calls the best and worst experience of a lifetime. This story will provoke you to laughter, tears, and cause you to examine yourself and your role as a human on this temporal journey. His prayer is that all who hear this amazing story will learn from the experience in which- they had no choice, to realize that when life brings you to the darkest, deepest, loneliest point imaginable, you will recognize what really matters in life. So, please laugh, cry, share, examine, and mostly enjoy this audiobook that is certain to make you ask the question: “What if this happened to me?” The reality is that it could.
"It’s amazing how God used a single event to speak to and transform the lives of thousands of people. Three-year-old Cole Ruotsala’s short eight-week battle with cancer and his ultimate death, was one such event. The story of this brave little man and his courage and compassion through the toughest of times, is a touching example of God’s love and strength in the face of death. Also, the honesty with which it is told will make you face some important questions in your life. I know that you will be encouraged and challenged by this book."  -Pastor Bruce Estola, Ironwood, MI

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598596632
Publication Date: 20090709

Subject: BIO026000-BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs,HEA039030-HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases / Cancer

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